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Alzheimer's International

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Behavioral Challenges

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Children and AD



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Recognizing Pain in the Person with Dementia
How Do I Convince My Father to Seek Help? by Mary Gordon
True Lies or True Love? by Pam Pomo
Strategies for Managing Symptoms
Solutions for Living with Alzheimer's
American Music Therapy Association
Also see our FAQs, Behavioral Challenges and Argue or Go Along.

Haloperidol and Trazodone No Better Than Placebo
Coping Strategies
Management of Agitation Behavior

Alzheimer's and Bathing
Also see our FAQ, Bathing.

Tips On Eating
Eating and Feeding Problems
Also see our FAQ, Eating: Too Much or Too Little.

Some Suggestions
Also see our FAQ, Sleep.

Sundowning & Wandering
Related to Sleep Disturbances?
Also see Electronic Response Systems links 
and FAQ, Sundowning & Wandering.

Books and Tapes

When Meme Came to Live at My House  by Mary Janine Langdon
    Read a Review by Pam Pomo
The Other Side by Tim Brennen (online articles by an EOAD victim)

The 36-Hour Day
The Alzheimer's Bookstore
The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's-Proofing Your Home

the Brain

The Whole Brain Atlas
Nervous System
Image of Healthy Brain
Image of Alzheimer's Brain

Care Aides

Assistive Devices


Electronic Response Systems

Been There, Tried it, Didn't Work!  by Beverly Bigtree Murphy (great site!)
Causes and Solutions
Online Support
Products (most online places send samples to pick the best for your LO)

Also see FAQs, Caring for the Caregiver,
Caring From a Distance and Incontinence

Changing Rolls

Reality Sets In by Mary Gordon
Intimacy in Alzheimer's Disease

Children and AD Understanding Alzheimer's Disease by "Jayess"

Helping Children Cope With Dementia
Edgar's Index
Teen Resource Center
Information about Dementia for Young People
Talking About Death


To name a few:
depression, diet, drugs, stroke, infection, trauma, Lewy Body, Parkinson's, Pick's, Binswanger's...

Also see our FAQ, Alzheimer's or Something Else.
Writings By the Victims of Early Onset

EOAD  (U.K. resource) 
Lewy Body
Multi-Infarct Dementia,8895,000746,00.html
Nutrient-Drug Interactions
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Evaluation and Diagnosis
Possible AD Blood Test

Online Support
BrainTalk Communities
Early Onset Dementia Victims mail list


Drugs and Research

To learn more about about specific drugs, enter the name into any search engine. You'll probably find lots of information. Come to a.s.a and ask how others have reacted to various meds.  Remember though: Everybody's different.

Anesthesia and the Patient with Alzheimer's
Ageless Design's News
What is Reminyl  [galantamine]

Clinical Trials

Free Medications Programs
Search by zip
Prescription Assistance Programs and Contact Numbers (U.S. only as yet)

The "Medications" Index

End Stages

Crossing the Creek by Michael Holmes, RN
Death-What You Can Expect
Last Acts
Living Wills and Artificial Means of Saving Lives by an unknown visitor to a.s.a
Also see our FAQ, End Stages.

Tube Feeding
Facing the Realities of Late-Stage Care
Handbook For Mortals
Tube feedings do not benefit...

International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care

General References The "What Is Alzheimer's" Index
Encyclopedia Britannica: Human Nervous System
Administration on Aging
International Aging Resources
Caregiver's Handbook
Alzheimer's Research Forum
Alzheimer's Outreach
Ageless Design
ElderCare Online
Family Caregiver Alliance
Mayo Clinic
Australia Office of Ageing
Canada Policies and Programs
U.K. Department of Health
U.N. Programme on Ageing
U.S. Administration on Aging
        NCOA Benefits Check Up

Long Term Care Insurance
Consumer Information

Medicaid/ Medicare/HCFA
Murphy's Unofficial Medicaid Page: A Guide

Legal References

Legal Planning for Incapacity
Durable Powers of Attorney and Revocable Living Trusts
State Cases and Codes
Elder Law Attorneys
Finding an Attorney
Also see our FAQ, Legal Issues.

Nursing Homes &
     Assisted Living
In many places, assisted living facilities are not as carefully monitored as nursing homes but there ought  to be some sort of monitoring program.  Facility survey reports should be available from your ombudsman.

Finding a Good Nursing Home
Questions you should ask
Also see our FAQ, Nursing Homes & Assisted Living.

Laws, Licensing & Surveys
Canada Ministry of Health
             Ontario Resitential Care Association

     U.S. Nursing Facility Services
             Federal and State Laws
             State Assisted Living Policies
             Nursing Home Compare

Online Directories



Resident's Rights

Tissue Donation

U.S. Brain Banks
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
University of Texas Southwestern
Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center





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